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Portable 3 Shelf Garment Rack with Rod – White by InterMetro

Deal Alert!Solid, Unbreakable Closet Storage from InterMetro

Official Product Description

An innovative solution to quick organization! Store a variety of clothing and other items on this sturdy 2 Shelf Garment Rack by InterMetro. The unbreakable chrome closet rod allows you to hang your wardrobe without worry. Equipped with easy rolling casters, this garment rack is easily moved from room to room. The 3 shelves provide extra storage potential for shoes, purses and other accessories. Great for the garage, guest room, bedroom, or classroom!

3 Shelf Garment Rack with Rod - White by InterMetro
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Editors Review

You know, we review a ton of portable closets and armoires on this site. Most of the ones that call themselves as a “portable closet” are – let’s be honest – sometimes they are a bit flimsy.

But this is not the case with this closet shelving rack from InterMetro.

And damn right, for the price, you’d better be getting some solid closet storage, right?

And that’s what you get here. This is a really strong stand alone closet. You know that the manufactuter is feelin’ confident in their product when they have the guts to write that it’s got an unbreakable closet rod made from chrome. That’s the kind of closet storage we can get behind here!! :)

Seriously though. This is your jam if you need a solid closet storage solution that is freestanding, stand alone, etc and will NOT break down on, will NOT disappoint you, and will NOT break on you. This 3 shelf garment rack from InterMetro stands strong and sturdy.

What’s really cool about this “garment rack” (a strange description – it’s basically a free standing closet, is it not?) is that you can shed some extra bucks and get a cover for it and instantly transform it into a beautiful armoire. If you are curious about doing this, check out what the cover looks like here. It basically makes it a whole new product once you have the Metro Wardrobe Cover to cover the garment rack.


Product Details

Retail Price: $174.99
Manufactured By: InterMetro
Storage Capacity: Spacious Top Shelf and Two Smaller Lower Shelves

InterMetro’s Portable 3 Shelf Garment Rack Closet Photos

Additional photos of this item are available below. Click to enlarge photo. Note: Second photo includes aforementioned Metro Wardrobe Cover.

3 shelf garment rack wardrobe cover

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