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Portable Blue Storage Armoire from Organize it All

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This portable blue storage armoire from Organize it All features a breathable cover with a clear window for easy viewing, a zipper seal to keep out dust, and a sturdy closet rod for all your garments. Ships with with extra shelves to store additional bedding or clothing needs. There’s also a convenient amount of tidy floor space inside – perfect for shoes, bags, and extra storage. 45.5 x 20 x 64″

Organize It All Storage Armoire - Blue
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Retail Price: $74.99
Amazon Price: $74.99
Editors Review

Here we have a very nice looking portable armoire from the trusted folks at Organize It All. This unit is light weight yet able to hold a very liberal amount of wardrobe storage without bending or flexing.

A huge perk with this portable armoire is the easy set up. User reviews consistently note how quickly they were able to get this closet up and running straight out of the box with no problem. Nice! We can definitely get behind that!

Aesthetically this is one of the more impressive looking portable closets on the market. You can see the from photo to the left that the unit has a classy look on it that you’ll be hard pressed to find with many canvas based mobile closets. The window screen is a nice touch and allows you to easily see where your wardrobe items are, and of course the zippered enclosure is appreciated to make a nice solid seal when keeping things in storage for the long term.

You’ll notice that at the bottom of the frame there are wheels, making this an easily mobile unit aka a true portable closet. We only suggest if you have more than 30 or 40 pounds of wardrobe weight inside that you will benefit from removing some items first to make it easier to move.

The bottom line: This often retails at $100 or more but our sellers consistently can offer it at a lower price and with free shipping. This makes for a very nice portable clothes closet at a great price.

Product Details

Retail Price: $100
Manufactured By: Organize it All
Measures 45.5 x 20 x 64 inches
Zippered Cover keeps dust out and protects clothes
Additional storage capacity on top shelf
Additional storage capacity of floor bottom

Portable Blue Storage Armoire Photos

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