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Rubbermaid 60-Inch Breathable Wardrobe Storage, Blue (3B2803BLTN)

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Nicely compact and affordable, the 60-inch Rubbermaid Breathable Wardrobe provides convient, breathable hanging storage for your clothes, coats, out-of-season jackets, and more. Perfect for using in rooms that lack a large closet or in the basement or attic for storage, the wardrobe features a breathable canvas fabric in blue and a see-through plastic window at the top of the front zippered doors for clear visibility of the contents. Easy to put together, it also features a sturdy base and it stands 60 inches tall.

Editors Review:

This portable wardrobe storage unit from Rubbermaid is consistently one of our top sellers! You’ll be delighted with how much space is availabe inside this 60 inch portable closet. While this unit retail for upwards of $40, our sellers consistently offer it in the $25 range, making this one of the hottest portable wardrobes on the market.

We also are delighted to take comfort in seeing that Rubbermaid brand name seal of approval on this item!

A few things to note:

Easy Assembly. Rubbermaid knows that we want products that are easy to put together. This wardrobe storage unit gets it right – it’s designed for any one to be able to put it together.
Breathable Materials. Protects your wardrobe from getting that stale storage smell.
Zippered Doors With Clear Windows. Allowing you to protect your wardrobe with a cover yet easily see inside.
Be Careful Hanging Winter Clothes. Some customers have noted that while the price is right for this item, don’t expect to hang all your winter clothes inside as it’s too much weight for a plastic closet too handle. Fair enough!

Bottom line: You won’t find anything better for this price.

Product Details

* Retail Price: $39.99
* Shipping: Eligible for Free Shipping
* Manufacturer: Rubbermaid
* Item Model Number: 3B2803BLTN
* Compact, affordable wardrobe great for storing extra and off-season clothes, or for use in rooms without a closet
* 60-inch height
* Made of breathable, durable canvas fabric
* Zippered doors with clear windows for easy visibility of contents
* Easy assemble; sturdy base

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