Featured Product: Bathroom Linen Closet

This sturdy yet elegant linen closet is big enough to store all your extra towels and toiletries, yet thin enough to fit comfortably in your bathroom.

Couldn't your bathroom use a little bit more storage?

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4 Linen Closet Storage Options

How to Save Money On a Good Yet Cheap Jewelry Armoire

A nice jewelry armoire is one of those things that makes a woman smile; oh, she knows it’s a necessary item, and that’s all part of the fun. It’s a luxury to have such a piece of furniture for housing her jewelry, and shows that someone in her life that she deserved both a wonderful collection of jewelry and the rightful means of holding it.

But what if you want to buy your wife a lovely jewelry armoire but the funds don’t allow for an expensive one? What if you need to buy a cheap jewelry armoire under . . . → Read More: How to Save Money On a Good Yet Cheap Jewelry Armoire

The Perfect Black Jewelry Armoire from Powell

Featured here we have a wonderful black jewelry armoire from the Powell company, well known for their elegant, high world class armoire furniture. This black jewelry armoire with a merlot finish provides seven drawers for storing jewelry. Additionally, both sides and the top of this armoire open up for more jewelry storage space, providing the ideal set up for a woman and her jewelry, no matter if her collection is big or small, silver or gold, or a nice combination of everything.

A nice perk of buying this specific black jewelry armoire (model number 383-316) from the Powell company is that it . . . → Read More: The Perfect Black Jewelry Armoire from Powell