Featured Product: Bathroom Linen Closet

This sturdy yet elegant linen closet is big enough to store all your extra towels and toiletries, yet thin enough to fit comfortably in your bathroom.

Couldn't your bathroom use a little bit more storage?

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4 Linen Closet Storage Options

Fitted Wardrobes or Wardrobe Closets?

Part One

If you have a decent budget and are in mind to spend it on a closet storage system, you will end up finding out that there are quite a few options out there that move far beyond simply a Rubbermaid closet organizer. Companies like John Louis Home manufacture complete closet systems that have to be installed from floor to ceiling that can completely transform your walk in closet to a closet storage room of massive proportions.

These closets are certainly nice and do the job as far as holding clothes correctly, but what if you don’t have a . . . → Read More: Fitted Wardrobes or Wardrobe Closets?

Which is Better Then – A Wardrobe Closet or a Fitted Wardrobe?

Part Two

This is part two of two in article looking at both fitted wardrobes and the stand alone wardrobe closet. Take a look at part one of our article titled Fitted Wardrobes or Wardrobe Closets? to catch up to this post. Part one we looked at defining these two terms, taking into account how both wardrobe closets and fitted wardrobes are designed. Below we move past definitions to get into the reasons you’d want to choose one type of closet storage system over the other.

To understand which type of closet storage system is better, you need . . . → Read More: Which is Better Then – A Wardrobe Closet or a Fitted Wardrobe?

Portable Armoires Create Wardrobe Closets In A Pinch

As we acquire more stuff, we need more space. It is a fact of life, and since we are always getting more stuff, we will always need more space. Wardrobe closets are a great way to organize things, specifically, clothes, but wardrobes closets are often large and expensive. A more cost effective and space efficient option is a portable wardrobe closet.

A portable wardrobe or armoire is a temporary closet designed to give extra storage space in a pinch. As the name suggests, these closets are light weight and completely portable. They are . . . → Read More: Portable Armoires Create Wardrobe Closets In A Pinch

Portable Closets

If you are interested in getting a wardrobe closet, you might want to take a look at a different type of closet storage unit that offers some of the same benefits as a wardrobe closet. No, this is not another type of closet organizer – although those are nice! Actually, it’s a whole other type of stand alone closet known as a portable closet.

What is a portable closet?

First and foremost, it’s a closet that is exactly what it’s name states – it’s something that is portable.. To this end, a portable closet is made to be something you can easily . . . → Read More: Portable Closets

Introduction to Wardrobe Closets

It’s an entirely common situation for many people to find themselves in:  the closet is brand spankin’ full. There’s simply no more room to squeeze anything in. And it’s not for lack of trying, it’s just that you’ve reached the limits that physics will allow; there is only so  much space, and there is more than enough to fill that space.

This describes many peoples situation with their clothes and other closet items and there closet. They’ve simply run out of room. What is there to do?

Purchasing and installing a good closet organizer is probably the best thing to do, short of . . . → Read More: Introduction to Wardrobe Closets