Featured Product: Bathroom Linen Closet

This sturdy yet elegant linen closet is big enough to store all your extra towels and toiletries, yet thin enough to fit comfortably in your bathroom.

Couldn't your bathroom use a little bit more storage?

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4 Linen Closet Storage Options

Coat Closets: 5 Things to Look For When Hanging up Your Coat

It’s winter time yet again, isn’t it?

I live in the south, and we’ve recently been hit with our sporadic dose of Carolina winter weather. You never know when it’s going to come – it may be November, it may be January, heck, it may even be February or March. But despite our winter season being quite mild, at some point those winter jackets are coming out of hiding and onto our backs.

Our home has no closet by the door. It’s almost an odd thing to notice – the house itself (not mine, my roommates) is . . . → Read More: Coat Closets: 5 Things to Look For When Hanging up Your Coat

4 Linen Closet Storage Options

While at one time the term linen closet was used as an apt description specifically for storing and holding linens, the term is now used to describe the storage closet or storage area where ones stores not necessarily linens specifically, but any and all related items, such as towels and washclothes for the bathrooms, toiletries, and extra blankets and sheets.

Nearly every home is now built in with a linen closet by the bathroom. These are the tall, narrow closets you find in the hallway near the bathroom or sometimes the bedroom.

But what if your home doesn’t have a built in linen . . . → Read More: 4 Linen Closet Storage Options

Rubbermaid: Not Just for Food Storage Anymore

When the name Rubbermaid is mentioned, the thought that immediately comes to mind is the old lady in the commercial that is putting food back into the fridge. For years, Rubbermaid and Tupperware were synonymous with food storage, but this is not your mother’s Rubbermaid anymore. Rubbermaid has a full line of wardrobe storage furniture that offers true value for the dollar.

If you have been reading this blog at all, you know it is quite easy to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on storage closets. Even some of the portable ones that are out there . . . → Read More: Rubbermaid: Not Just for Food Storage Anymore

John Louis Home Storage Closets

Whether you need extra storage or are looking to turn a wall in your bedroom into a closet, the John Louis Home Storage Closets are the ideal solution. These sturdy and classy looking shelving systems are perfect to organize walk in storage closets or to literally turn a wall into a closet. They will organize everything from belts to shirts and everything in between. Costing only a few hundred dollars, they are a true bargain for the order that will be restored to your wardrobe.

The Honey Maple John Louis Home Standard 12-Inch depth Closet Shelving System JLH-522
This model is one of . . . → Read More: John Louis Home Storage Closets